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Natural Habitats Inc. (NHI) was formed to provide maintenance services for mitigation design projects.  NHI was incorporated April 30, 1991 with Ingrid Jimrusti as President and major stockholder.

 NHI has become established as a leader in the mitigation maintenance field.  Our expertise is based on years of field experience.  Our technicians have taken numerous courses in maintenance techniques and plant identification procedures. All of our employees are licensed with the State of Florida for herbicide application.

 As experts in the field, we are able to evaluate each project to determine the necessary tasks to be performed that will keep or make the mitigation successful.  We have consistently kept our projects on time and within budget.  But, most importantly, our mitigation success ratio is 100 percent.  This success has earned us respect and acknowledgement from the regulatory agencies.  As pioneers in mitigation maintenance, we have set the standards that many of the agencies now use.

 NHI is a woman-owned and operated business.  Our technicians are competent and knowledgeable.  In addition to teaching techniques and field procedures, we attend several seminars each year to keep abreast of the new technology and methods pertaining to wetland creation and restoration.  It is our goal to offer our skills to bring mitigation projects into compliance with permit conditions and make every project a success.

 It should be noted that we are primarily a wetland maintenance company but also perform standard lake maintenance in conjunction with mitigation projects.  Our main business is to selectively maintain wetlands to remove noxious, invasive, and exotic species of vegetation allowing the beneficial species to thrive.  We are currently servicing over 60 projects that include businesses, apartment complexes, and residential developments.  Most recently we have received an extended contract with the City of Coral Springs to service their 16 parks.

 NHI is responsible for the native plant installation on several hundred acres of wetlands and native uplands, as well as the monthly maintenance of over 2000 acres.  NHI also specializes in manual eradication of invasive exotics in native forested preserves where mechanical removal of exotics is prohibited.  The exotics are cut and removed by hand, the stumps treated with an approved herbicide and the limbs or branches are mulched. 


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